Monday, June 15, 2015

June 14

We brought the kids to the Litchfield Road Race, a pretty big event on the town green here - 1,500 runners, lots of spectators kind of spread out picnic style on the green.

Soon after we got there (11:30 a.m.), he said he was getting a headache. He was very worried about it because he knows by now what it's going to be like, and it seems like he can sense when it is coming - starting out small and getting worse. (I ask him how big it is and he stretches his hands out to show that it's little, medium, or very very big ...)

We weren't in a position to run home, so I had him lie down on a quilt and put the blanket over his head to block out all of the sensory overload and some of the noise of the place. This seemed to help. He also sat in my lap, blanket over his head, and closed his eyes. I didn't have access to advil or anything to give him, but I did go over and get him an orange soda. And he drank the whole thing over the course of not feeling well.

He had been wearing his glasses that morning. He had breakfast (toast and jelly, had drank water, maybe had a cheese stick as well and some strawberries). He slept normally the night before.

It lasted for about two hours. At one point he had to use the bathroom, so I carried him over there, and along the way he said his "mouth felt weird." I asked him if it was dry or numb or tingly or what he meant. He couldn't really explain but he opened his mouth and kind of touched his tongue.

Then, about two hours into this, he went over to a trash can on the green and threw up voluminously. After that, he was almost immediately completely better. Head didn't hurt, had energy, was hungry and was asking for food. He got a hot dog and ate the whole thing and was fine. We went to the beach after, and he was fine there, too.

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