Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2015

I thought it would be useful if we posted as much of the info below when headaches occur. If you could click on the current month's post and "edit" it, that would allow us to keep a month's worth of posts in one place, and we wouldn't have to sift through individual blog entries. Later we could print each month and take to Dr visits if necessary.

Time headache started:
Medication and time:
His description of symptoms:

Activity prior to onset:
Last food/drink (time/what was it):
Any other pertinent info:


June 2

Took cash to Dr. Vijai. "Whooping ear infection." PO amoxicillin and otic neomycin/polymixin prescribed. No HA today. Dr vijay wants to see if fixing the ear infection solves the problem; if not he thinks we should recheck glasses for appropriate strength and fit before going to a neurologist. He says he does not recommend "exposing him to a whole lot of radiation" at this time.

Yesterday was the first morning cashy woke up crying with a headache and this concerns me. Most of his headaches have been later in the day.

Cashy told me today that before he gets a headache "I feel funny" and "there is a noise in my head like the noise when I have a headache but I don't remember what it sounds like." Says the noise is a softer version of the noise in his head when he has a headache.

Has been complaining that I "hurt" him when I pick him up under his armpits etc --stuff that should be harmful. Not sure whether this is exaggerated (I always assume it is)

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  1. Throughout the day, he was off the wall and insisted he wasn't sick (including loudly in the background when I called the school to say he was out sick). But he did complain about his ear hurting when we were in the car on the way to Bristol. I didn't bother to take his temperature or anything today because he didn't seem sick.